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App Deployment and Management

Providing cost effective, easy to use online solutions for managing your iPad fleet of devices.

ZuluDesk for Educators and Schools…

ZuluDesk iPad Management for educators and schools

ZuluDesk is a powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) software system designed especially for managing iPad devices in schools.

With the management system you can set policies, apply profiles, remotely install apps and keep track of activities and incidents of all connected devices plus much more.

With this cloud based system there is no need to constantly bring all devices back to a central location to perform management tasks such as iOS updates and app installs/removals as all management is done via the internet.

ZuluDesk is 100% committed to providing the best solutions for education and providing great tools for teachers and IT Administrators alike.

Webtek Media is an officially licensed reseller of ZuluDesk, ask us about pricing and migration from Apple Configurator.

Want to know more about ZuluDesk iPad Management Software?

Key Features

Whether you are managing school devices for individual students and teachers, or sharing iPads across classes, ZuluDesk makes it easy to enrol and group devices or installing apps and Profiles.


ZuluDesk Teacher app allows quick and easy management of student iPads in class. Create ‘lessons’ with the apps and websites for your students, lock iPads to certain apps or websites, change restrictions, install apps, send a message, or lock the screen – right from the teacher’s iPad.


When using any MDM to manage iPads, it’s critical to install Apple Caching Server at your school to download apps once and then install them on all your iPads. Caching makes it fast to install apps, and preserves your Internet bandwidth.


ZuluDesk supports all the new iOS features, including Apple School Manager – a central portal for managing your devices, apps, digital books, users & classes, integrating Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrolment Program (DEP) together in one simple interface.

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